Written by Zara

Visegrad-Armenia. New Approaches for Extending and Deepening Intercultural Dialogue

On 6-10 of November 2018 in Yerevan, 5-11 of November in the regions of Armenia (Shirak (Gyumri), Lori (Vanadzor, Alaverdi, Shnogh, Teghut, Qarkop), Gegharkunik (Gavar, Martuni), Armavir (Ejmiatsin), Kotayq (Zovuni)) Armenian Rolan Bykov Foundation plans to implement a special project “Visegrad+Armenia (Yerevan, RA regions): New Initiatives for Expanding Intercultural Cinema-Dialogue” supported by the International Visegrad Fund aimed at deepening and expanding intercultural dialogue between Visegrad countries (Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic), Armenia and Georgia, establishing new direct ties targeting regions of Armenia.

Current project is continuation and development of the “Visegrad-Armenia. “Rolan” International Film Festival as a Platform for Intercultural Dialogue” (supported by the International Visegrad Fund and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands) implemented in 2017 involving not only Yerevan, but also regions of Armenia (5).

Project partners from Visegrad countries (Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic) are “ALEF FILM & MEDIA” Production Company (Slovakia), Association of Slovak Films Clubs, “BuSho” (Budapest Short) International Film Festival (Hungary), “Ale Kino!” International Young Audience Film Festival, “HumanDoc” International Documentary Film Festival (Poland), “JUNIORFEST” International Film Festival for Children and Youth (the Czech Republic).

In the frames of the Project from 52 presented films (produced in V4 countries and recommended by project partners) 22 films were selected for screening.

In the frames of “Visegrad Film Days in Amrenia” special screenings and discussions will be organised in Yerevan, as well as in Gyumri (Shirak region), Vanadzor, Alaverdi, Shnogh, Teghut, Qarkop (Lori region), Gavar, Martuni (Gegharkunik region), Ejmiatsin (Armavir region), Zovuni (Kotayq region).

Project participants will be Producer, Director, Scriptwriter, CEO of “ALEF FILM & MEDIA” Production Company Marian Urban and Compositing artist Juraj Kral (Slovakia), Program Director at “BuSho” (Budapest Short) Film Festival Akos Mester and Director, Expert at the “BuSho” (Budapest Short) Film Festival Balazs Simonyi (Hungary), Screenwriter, Narrative designer, Storyteller representative of the Film Festival “Ale Kino!” Jacek Rembis, and Director Julia Groszek (Poland), Animator, Visual style maker and consultant for animated section at International Film Festival for Children and Youth “JUNIORFEST” Pavla Bastanova and animator Filip Diviak (the Czech Republic), as well as Director, Producer, Dean of the Film and TV Faculty of Tbilisi Shota Rustaveli State University of Theatre and Cinema Otar Litanishvili and Director, Head of University Council of Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University Dato Janelidze (Georgia) engaging new participants from Georgia (as neighbouring country in the region).

In Yerevan project activities will be implemented in “Moscow” Cinema, “Cinema House”, Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography, Russian-Armenian University, Union of Cinematographers of Armenia, TUMO Center for Creative Technologies, Sahakyants Animation Studio, “Ayb” School, etc. and in regions of Armenia in State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography Gyumri branch, House-Museum of Avetik Isahakian, “Trchunyan Tun” Educational Complex – Children’s Home, Gyumri Basic School N 7, “Ounjyan” Secondary School-college, Gyumri Secondary School N 23 (Shirak), State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography Vanadzor branch, Vanadzor State Dramatic Theater after Hovhannes Abelyan, Cultural Centers in Alaverdi, Shnogh, Teghut, Qarkop (Lori), Gavar orphanage,  Martuni School N 2 (Gegharkunik), Ejmiatsin Cultural Center (Armavir), Cultural Center of Zovuni (Kotayq), secondary schools, etc.

All screenings are organized exclusively on a charitable basis.


Project activities

in Yerevan:

  • “Visegrad Film days” (film screenings and discussions with) – 6 – 10 of November
  • Creative meetings in specialised universities/institutions, schools, etc. – 6, 9, 10 of November
  • Press conference – 5 of November
  • Meetings with mass media 9 of November


in RA regions:

  • “Visegrad Film days” (film screenings in 5 regions and discussions with cinematographers from V4 in 2 regions) – 5 – 11 of November
  • “Visegrad+Armenia: Dialogue in Cinespace” – 2 round-table discussions in Gyumri (Shirak region) and Vanadzor (Lori region) – 7, 8 of November

The topics of the round-table discussion are:

  • Possible ways of cooperation between V4 + Armenia (regions of Armenia) + Georgia
  • The role of Cinematography in intercultural dialogue between Visegrad countries + Armenia and Georgia.
  • Aspects of intercultural dialogue: new opportunities and innovative approaches
  • Creative meetings in Gyumri (Shirak region) and Vanadzor (Lori region) in specialized universities/institutions; schools, orphanages, etc.,
  • Meetings with regional mass media.


  • “Visegrad! Welcome to Armenia!” preparation of a documentary short film