Films from Visegrad countries screened during festival in Armenia!
Written by Zara

On November 7-11 in Yerevan, Gavar and Alaverdi 13th “Rolan” International Film Festival for Children and Young People will take place. Organisation of Festival was supported by the International Visegrad Fund.

In the framework of the festival a special project „Visegrad-Armenia „Rolan” International Film Festival as a Platform for Intercultural Dialogue” will be conducted. Project partners of the Armenian Rolan Bykov Foundations from Visegrad countries are „Juniorfest” International Film Festival for Children and Youth (Czech Republic), “HumanDoc” International Documentary Film Festival (Poland), Association of Slovak Film Clubs (Slovakia), “Busho” Short Film Festival (Hungary).

Armenian public will have an opportunity to acquaint itself with twelve contemporary film productions from Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, including this year Oscar-awarded for the best short film “Sing” from Hungary. Polish cinematography will be represented by “Joanna” from 2010 directed by Feliks Falk and “Behind the Blue Door” from 2016 directed by Mariusz Palej.

Visegrad countries will be represented by the president of “Ale kino!” film festival Jerzy Moszkowicz (Poland), the president of “Busho” film festival Tamás Gábeli and cinematographer of Oscar-winning film “Sing” Róbert Maly (Hungary), representative of the “Juniorfest” festival Veronika Hanšová (Czech Republic), film director Róbert Šveda and composer Martin Barabáš (Slovakia).

Film screenings will be accompanied by other activities:

- creative meetings of Visegrad partners with Armenian filmmakers, students and third sector’s representatives;
- “Let’s Talk” round-table discussion on November 7th;
- moderated by Jerzy Moszkowicz  “Creating Cultural Bridges” workshop for young Armenians during which a screenplay of a new film will be created;
- post-screening discussions.

It is worth mentioning that film screening will be held not only in various locations in the Armenia’s capital city- Yerevan, but also in Cultural Centre in Alaverdi (Lori province) and Orphanage in Gavar (Gegharkunik province), what will give an opportunity for the audience from remote regions to participate in the festival.


Under following link you can find the catalogue of above mentioned project.