Автор: Zara

This year, Armenian Rolan Bykov Foundation implements a special project "Visegrad-Armenia: "Rolan" International Film Festival as a Platform for Intercultural Dialogue" with the support of International Visegrad Fund and the Foreign Ministry of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. BUSHO is the project partner from Hungary and has recommended a special selection of films representing Hungarian cinematography, such as this year's Oscar-winning film "Sing", (directed by Kristóf Deák), "Operation Stone", „Before Lunch", etc., which has been selected for special screenings in the frames of the Project and will support promotion of culture of Hungary through cinematography in Armenia. In addition, the Festival Director of the BUSHO Mr. Tamás Gábeli and Mr. Róbert Maly, a cinematographer of the film "Sing" will participate in the project activities in Yerevan and will present from the first-hand rich and diverse culture of Hungary to Armenian large audiences in specialised universities and  institutions.