Автор: Zara

Visegrad-Armenia. New Approaches for Intercultural Dialogue

On 7-11 of November, 2017, Armenian Rolan Bykov Foundation plans to implement in Yerevan a special project “Visegrad-Armenia. “Rolan” International Film Festival as a Platform for Intercultural Dialogue” supported by the International Visegrad Fund and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

Project partners from Visegrad countries (Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic) are Association of Slovak Films Clubs (Slovakia), “BUSHO” Short Film Festival (Hungary), “HumanDoc” International Documentary Film Festival (Poland), “JUNIORFEST” International Film Festival for Children and Youth (the Czech Republic).

In the frames of the Project from 45 presented films 12 films were selected for screening. The films have been recommended by the partners of the project, as well as by the “Ale kino!” (Poland) International Film Festival for Children and Youth.

It is worth mentioning that in the frames of the project the special screening of the Oscar-winning (2017) film “Sing” with the participation of the cinematographer of the film Robert Maly is planned to be organized.

Project participants will be the president of Film Festival “Ale Kino!” Jerzy Moszkowisz (Poland), the president of Film Festival “BUSHO” Tamas Gabeli (Hungary), cinematographer of Oscar-winning film “Sing” Robert Maly (Hungary), representative of the Film Festival “JUNIORFEST” Veronika Hansova (Czech Republic), film director Robert Sveda and composer Martin Barabas (Slovakia).

During these five days, in Yerevan (“Moscow” Cinema, “Moscow House” Cultural and Business Center, Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography, Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University, TUMO Center for Creative Technologies, etc.) best films (animation, feature, documentary) of the project will be screened.

All screenings are organized exclusively on a charitable basis.

In the frames of the project, invited participants from Visegard countries will have creative meetings in schools, specialized universtities/institutions, NGOs, etc.


Project activities

  • Visegrad film days (film screenings and Q@A discussions) – 7-11 of November
  • “Let’s Talk” round-table discussion – 7 of November
  • “Creating Cultural Bridges” workshop – 8-10 of November
  • Creative meetings in schools, specialized universities/institutions, etc. – 7-11 of November
  • Press Conferences, meetings with mass media representatives – 7-11 of November