Adult Jury 2007

Miomir Rajcevic

Miomir Rajcevic has more than thirty year’s experience in filming and producing both 16 and 35mm films for TV in several hundred projects covering documentaries; educational; theatrical; art and news reports; short and animated films. He is always very much involved in working with young people (young directors and actors) and particularly producing different series for young people. He is currently the President of the Media Education Centre in Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro and the director of photography for the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation as well. He continues his work as an author/co-author for several television series. Apart from above stated, Miomir Rajcevic is the Head of Media Laboratory for Children and Youth, a member of CIFEJ, CICT/IFTC-UNESCO (International Council of Film, TV and audio-video Communication) and a member of the Executive Board of International Youth, Media Summit.

Odette Mitterrand

Odette Mitterrand used to be a history teacher. Later she became a technical and pedagogical adviser for literature and cinema for the French Ministry of Education and Youth. She had a Ministerial mission. She organized many national events, seminars, and meetings with writers and film-makers for various book-fairs and festivals. She was the Director of “Histoire...par la bande” book in Syros and she wrote several books in Glenat, la documentation Francaise, P.I.E-Peter Lang and some magazines as Griffon, Actions-Jeunesse. Now about ten years, she is a cinema trainer and critic. She is in the editorial staff of the cinema review “0 de Conduite” and a member of National UFFEJ Board. In June 2007, she organized an event on Armenian Cinema within the frame of “Année de l’ Arménie” in France.



Veda Kumar Manikonda

Veda Kumar Manikonda was born in Heyderabad, Andhra Pradesh India. He studied at Mysore University. He organized seven children’s film festivals at Heyderabad and first Asian children’s film festival in the year 2002 which was the first of its kind. He was a member of A.P. State Nandi Television Awards in 2002. Presently, he is the Member of Children’s Film Script Selection Committee appointed by A.P. State TV & Theatre, Chairman of Children’s Educational Academy, core committee member of INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art, Culture & Heritage), Hyderabad Chapter, President of Forum for a Better Hyderabad, Chairman of Children’s Film Society, A.P.



Susana Velleggia

Susana Velleggia is a sociologist and film-maker, and is specialized in educational television and cultural management. She is the President of International Film Festival for children and youth (Buenos Aires). She is a member of the representing Latin America and Vice-President of Argentinean Childhood and Youth Audiovisual Society (SAVIAA). She teaches “Policies of Cultural Management” and “Planning of Cultural Strategies” for the Federal Council of Investement’s Culture Programme. She worked as an academic Consultant for the First Cultural Congress in Argentina, and as a regular Consultant for international organizations. She is the author of several articles, research papers and books in her areas of expertise, published in Argentina and abroad. She also worked as Director of National Research and Studies for the Ministry of Culture in Argentina.

Benjamin Stanley Francis

Benjamin Stanley Francis was born in South Africa. He works in cultural sphere for more than 40 years as an actor, a director, a writer and a cultural activist for the liberation struggle. He is the Founding Director of the First Children’s Museum in Johannesburg in 1994. Presently he is the Executive Director of the Africa Cultural Trust/Africa Cultural Centre and a member for Children’s Broadcasting Foundation, Africa (CBFA). He is in charge for “Child Participation for 5th World Summit 2007”, Sandton, Johannesburg. Ben Francis is the Chairman of Westbury Child and Parenting Centre and the Director of “Natives at Large” Film Production Company. He is also a member of African Coalition of NGO’s working with Children.



Annick Le Ray

Annick Le Ray is a cartoon scriptwriter. Anik’s passion for writing, made her work for La Fabrique in the 80’s. Her meeting with Jean François Laguionie became a turning point in her life. Her taste for strange adventure stories then made full sense. Her collaboration with J. F. Laguionie started with the film “Monkeys Tell” and continued with “Black Mor Island”. It still goes on today on “The Painting”, a new feature film is currently in its preparation process. At the same time, she is in charge of a collection for 26 minutes’ films coproduced by La Fabrique and TF1. She has also written some films in this collection and all of them won awards at international festivals. She works with well-known authors like Marie Nimier, Franck Pavloff and others. She still continues her career. Many of her films are for the cinema and television. In her stories children escape daily life and discover a new look on the world. And if sometimes important issues rise to the surface, these are always funny metaphysics.


Michael Dovlatyan

Michael Dovlatyan was born in 1958 in Yerevan, Armenia. He studied at Yerevan State Theatrical Institute in 1976 and in 1981 continued his education at BGIK (State Institute for Cinematography in Moscow) at a Film Directing Department of A. B. Stoller’s and Ju. N. Ozerov’s Studio. Since 1979 he has been acting in various films. In 1976 he performed the play “White Flags”. And since 1980 he is the director of the following films: “Sapienti Sat”, “Peacock’s Yell”, “Facing the Wall”, “Humpback”, “Labyrinth”, “Our Yard” (one and two), “Meanwhile I am Alive” and “A Chioce”.




Hrant Tokhatyan

Hrant Tokhatyan was born on January 10, 1958 in Yerevan. From 1976 to 1981 he studied at Yerevan State Institute of Foreign Languages after V. Brusov. His career as an actor started at a newly founded Yerevan Chamber Theatre where he worked from 1976 - 1991. Afterwards he continued his career as an actor of theatre and cinema as well. In 1885 he participated at World Youth Festival and in 1989 at International Festival of Theatres. Hrant Tokhatyan has acted in more than 11 films.




Gayane Martirosyan

Gayane Martirosyan was born in 1950 in Yerevan in the family of cinematographers. In 1968 she entered the Yerevan State Fine Arts and Theatre Institute, Department of Directing and graduated from in 1973. After the defense of her diploma at Tumanyan State Puppet Theatre Gayane Martirosyan was recruited by “Hayfilm” Studio, Animated Cartoons Department. Since then she has been working there as a director of animations and has written scripts for several films. Since 2003 Gayane Matirosyan has been teaching at the State Institute of Theatre and Cinema. She is the manager of the animation directing course.