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Armenian Rolan Bykov Foundation was founded in Yerevan in 2001. Its main goal is implementation of cultural, educational, human rights and social projects addressed to aesthetic, cultural, and educational development of children and youth. The projects are implemented with support of RA President, RA First Lady, RA Government, Government of Artsakh Republic, Municipality of Yerevan, UNICEF-Armenia, UNDP, CIFEJ, OSF, EPF and other institutions and organizations.

The Foundation, along with numerous other projects, is also the organizer of International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Armenia, which in this format is the only international film forum for children and youth in South Caucasus. The Festival is a large multidirectional project, which involves not only children, young people, filmmakers, art workers from different countries, but also experienced doctors and human rights defenders.

Honorable President of the Festival is Honoured Art Worker of Russia, Professor of VGIK, Armen Medvedev. Armenian Rolan Bykov Foundation has experience in work with children and youth: annual "Rolan" International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Armenia, numerous master classes, creative meetings, premiere screenings, anniversaries (including 70th anniversary of Armenian animation), round-table discussions, exhibitions, international conferences, various charitable actions and other events in Yerevan, RA regions and Artsakh.

The Festival hosted Karen Shakhnazarov, Tigran Keosayan, Vladimir Grammatikov, Eduard Nazarov, David Keosayan, Garri Bardin, Alexander Gordon, Alexander Borodyanskiy, Boris Grachevskiy, Kirill Razlogov, Grigoriy Gladkov, Yuri Norshteyn, Yuri Entin, Levon Oganezov (Russia), Laura Gevorgyan, Jassur Iskhakov (Uzbekistan), Kaspar Jankis (Estonia), Ivar Kalnins (Latvia), Hasan Cemal (Turkey), Andre Martin (Greece), Tom Palmen (Sweden), Julia Sandra Virsta, Claudio Gubitosi, Rafaele Picardi (Italy), Ben Francis (South African Republic), Natalia Chernysheva, David Cherkasskiy, Victor Andrienko (Ukraine), Mikhayil Toumelya (Belarus), as well as representatives from the USA, France, Germany etc.

Foundation activity and Festival started in 2001.


Establishment and start of First International Film Festival in Yerevan and Gyumri. There was no festival field in Armenia at that time, and no international festival in cultural sphere in South Caucasus region. 1st Festival hosted Karen Shakhnazarov with his two sons, Boris Grachevskiy, Garri Bardin, Alexander Borodyanskiy and others. It took the role of pioneer in Festival activity. Charitable screenings of best festival films were organized in Yerevan and Gyumri.




Festival was the first to visit RA regions (5 regions) with charitable film screenings in cultural centers, schools and other places where it was possible to screen a film. List of Festival participant countries was expanded. Start of collaboration project with orphanages and boarding schools (Gyumri, Gavar).



Festival with its two competitive nominations was included in European Festival network as an international film festival for children and youth.




Festival was carried out under the patronage of RA First Lady Mrs. Bella Kocharyan.






In addition to enlargement of Festival program, for the first time, with a delegation of 50 guests from 35 countries, it visited Nagorno Karabakh. Foreign guests met Mr. Bako Sahakyan, the President of Nagorno Karabakh. In 2007 this was the largest cultural delegation visiting Nagorno Karabakh.




In the framework of the 4th Festival, together with Robert Sahakyants, “70th Anniversary of Armenian Animation” was carried out, which brought together well-known animation masters Yuri Norshteyn, Eduard Nazarov, Oscar winner Alexander Petrov, David Cherkasskiy, Andrey Khrzhanovskiy, Violeta Kolesnikova, Natalia Chernysheva, Anna Atamanova, Roza Stiebra, Mikhayil Toumelya and others.












A number of educational and social projects were implemented: implementation of social project “You are not alone... We will Win Together”. MD, Professor, Deputy Director of the Federal Research and Clinical Centre of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology, Alexey Maschan’s visit to Yerevan and participation in the project.



Doctor Maschan carried out free medical consultation for children suffering from leukemia and delivered lectures for young Armenian specialists.






Besides traditional Festival program (charitable film screenings, master classes, premiere screenings, exhibitions etc.), a new project “I Have Rights!” was implemented with support of UNICEF-Armenia in the framework of which a new competition nomination was established devoted to films on child rights. The Festival hosted well-known human rights defenders, such as Secretary General of the Interchurch Peace Council, Political Director of the Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly, Mient Jan Faber (the Netherlands) and others.





6th Festival also hosted Keosayan family: Tigran and David Keosayan, Laura Gevorgyan and Laura Keosayan. They visited Gyumri, the native city of famous film director Edmond Keosayan, and were present at the opening ceremony of the memorial tablet devoted to him.













Broadening of Festival geographical borders and implementation of new large-scale projects.

“Country Day”. It was devoted to Japan, the

Land of the Rising Sun.

The head of the Japaneses delegation was

Minister-Counselor, Head of Information

Department of the Embassy of Japan

to Russia, Mr. Ishize Motoyuki, as well as Director and producer of Tokyo Kinder Film Festival, Mr. Mitsuo Tahira.

The 4th day of the Festival was full of events devoted to Japanese art and culture:

• Exhibition of children art works “Japan Through the Eyes of Armenian Children” organized together with National Aesthetic Centre of Armenia

• Classical concert “Devotion” with participation of talented children from “New Names” program, at 

which Armenian and Japanese composers’ works were played

• Screening of the animated film “Tales from Earthsea” by well-known Japanese animator Goro Miyazaki








Implementation of the social project

“You are not alone... We will win Together”,

in the framework of which MD,

Professor, Honoured Doctor of Russia


Vladimir Kozlov was invited to Yerevan, he operated on 15 children from socially underprovided families on

completely charitable basis, and introduced his new method of bloodless operations in the field of otolaryngology.



In the frames of the 7th Festival, with support of USAID and Eurasia Partnership Foundation, the project “Seventh International Film Festival for Children and Young People as a New Platform for the Cultural Rapprochement between Armenia and Turkey” was implemented. Turkish filmmakers arrived in Yerevan to participate in the project as professional jury members, Turkish teenagers were involved in workshop activities, while the Turkish journalists came to illustrate the Festival and the Festival projects. At the end of the project the 11 guests from Turkey expressed their wish to visit Tsitsernakaberd, the memorial dedicated to the memory of victims of Armenian Genocide.

Expansion of collaboration with the Haematology Centre after Professor R. Yolyan. Participation of Professors A. Maschan and A. Karashunskiy in the project “You are not alone...We will win Together”. Cooperation Agreement was signed between Haematology Centre after Professor R. Yolyan (Armenia) and Federal Research and Clinical Centre of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology (Russia). According to the agreement, Armenia will be included in international association of haematology and in the result of this Armenian children suffering from leukemia will get medical consultation by doctors of 35 association member countries on charitable basis.










The project was carried out under the patronage of RA First Lady, Mrs. Rita Sargsyan.



Organization of the 9th edition of International Film Festival for Children and Youth on November 1-5 in Yerevan and 40 days in 5 regions of RA.

Festival in Gyumri

Festival in Vanadzor

Festival in Gavar

Festival in Dilijan


Festival in Byureghavan

The Festival was carried out with support of RA President, RA Ministry of Culture, UNICEF-Armenia, German Marshall Fund of the United States and other organizations. Participation of more than 23 000 children and young people in Festival projects and events. Distribution of 15 000 tickets for film screenings in schools, orphanages, boarding schools on charitable basis.

A number of projects were implemented, such as:

1. Implementation of traditional Festival projects and events (film screenings, premieres, master classes, round table discussions, seminars, workshops etc.)

2. Project “I Have the Honour”. It was welcomed and encouraged by RA Ministry of Defense. Its aim was, by means of cinematography, to contribute to ideological education and raise of moral spirit of soldiers. Soldiers from 8 military units become direct participants of the Festival as young jury members.On Festival days meetings with famous film directors, actors and sportsmen were held in military units.

3. Projects “I Have Rights”, “I am One of You”, “All by Kids” were continued in 9th edition of the Festival.

4. Together with RA Ministry of Sports a new nomination of sports films was established. Its main goal was, by means of cinematography, promotion of mass sports, its role and significance among Armenian children and youth.


5. Project “9th Festival as a Platform for Cross Border Cultural Dialogue for Youth”. Its aim was to create necessary conditions for cultural dialogue for the youth of the countries involved in conflict, by using the festival as a platform and cinematography as means. International Conference “Cinema as Language of Tolerance” and Workshop on the topic “Better to Live in Peace!” were organized in the framework of the project. Project participants were young and professional filmmakers from 7 Black Sea region countries.

6. Presentation of the Catalogue “Japan through the Eyes of Armenian Children”. Organi-zation of joint exhibition titled “Peace”, at which were exhibited the best art works by students of Fine Arts studio-college of National Center of Aesthetics and by children from Nagorno-Karabakh.

7. Premiere screening of Karen Shakhnazarov’s (People’s Artist of Russia, Honoured Art Worker of Russia, director, scriptwriter and producer) latest movie “White Tiger” was held in “Moscow” Cinema. He was awarded with medals by RA President, RA Minister of Defense, Head of Filmmakers’ Union of Armenia.



“Rolan” 10th International Film Festival for Children and Yong People was held in Yerevan, Gyumri, Alaverdi and Gavar from November 8 to 12, 2014.
The Festival Program included 145 films from 38 countries. Premieres and meetings were held at universities and secondary schools in the framework of the festival. Exclusively children and youth worked as jury members for 10th edition of the festival.


Meeting with the director and producer of the film “Half Moon Bay”


Discussion of the film “Half Moon Bay” with director Marine Zakaryan and producer Hovhannes Galstyan was held on November 10 at Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University. The meeting was held within the framework of “Rolan” 10th International Film Festival for Children and Youth, organised by Armenian Rolan Bykov Foundation

The screening of the movie "Half Moon Bay" was organized on November 7 in the House of Culture of RAU.


The first screening of the debut film of Torgom Nalbandyan “I am here.. These are my Folks”, is based on his book called “Seven from twenty thousand”.

The animation film “Anahit” by David Sahakyants was screened in the frames of “Rolan” International Film Festival. The film was shot on the motives of fairy tale “Anahit” by Ghazaros Aghayan.


In 2015 from November 7 to November 11 “Rolan” International Film Festival for Children and Young People will commence in Yerevan, the regions of RA, Nagorno-Karabakh and Javaxq which is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The festival is organized by the Armenian Rolan Bykov foundation, the President of RA, Ministry of Culture and Yerevan Municipality. 156 films from 44 countries of the world are included in the programme of the festival. The festival is expected to have more than 25000 audience (Yerevan, Nagorno-Karabakh, Javaxq). All the events and film-screenings will be held exclusively on charity basis.


Meeting with the director of “Anahit” animation film David Sahakyants in TUMO Center for Creative Technologies.


During the meeting David Sahakyants told about his father. Animation film “Anahit” and a documentary film about Robert Sahakyants was screened .

“I Will Help and You?”


During “Rolan” International film festival for children and young people a charitable promotion “I will help”

was carried out directed to children living in frontier villages. The promotion is realized by the participation

of each of us who has had their little invest.
The aim of this promotion is to show our attention and warmth to the children and the means is surely

festival platform. Donations collected during promotion will be given to the children of unprovided

families living in near border villages. This is indeed the case when the aim justifies the means.
Picking a free ticket from “Moscow” cinema’s ticket office in November 8, 9 and 10 and in "Moscow-

House" cultural-business centre of Moscow in Yerevan in November 7, 8, 9 and 10 the audience was

given a chance to do their donations /toys, children’s books and any other useful things/ before screenings

in the box placed near the entrance of screening halls.
All the people who haven’t managed to take part in the promotion, made their donation by contacting

"Rolan Bykov" foundation's office. A few organizations such as Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University, Russian

centre for culture and science in Yerevan, "Moscow House" cultural-business center of Moscow in Yerevan,

educational complex “Yerevak”, School № 162 named after Siamanto and other organizations have joined our



• Number of Festival participants in the period of 2001-2015 from Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh is 380 000.
• Festival is covered by great number of mass media (in Yerevan, RA regions, Nagorno Karabakh) and by mass media representatives from abroad.

More detailed information about Foundation and Festival can be found in Festival’s official facebook page: